Commercial Sheet Metal

Since 2009

Stock Materials

1200mm Wide Stock Coil: .55mm
Standard Colorbond Range
Surfmist® Evening Haze® Shale Grey™ Dune® Cove™
Windspray® Gully™ Wallaby™ Jasper® Basalt™
Manor Red® Night Sky® Deep Ocean® Cottage Green® Ironstone®
Monument® Classic Cream™ Paperbark® Pale Eucalypt® Woodland Grey®
1200mm Wide Stock Coil - .55mm
Premium Colorbond Range
Ultra Metallic Matte Others
Surfmist® Aries® Surfmist® Cattai Green
Dune® Astro® Basalt™ Thredbo White
Windspray® Celestian® Dune® Permaguard White
Monument® Rhea® Monument® Coolmax Whitehaven
Woodland Grey® Galactic® Shale Grey™
Shale Grey™ Cosmic®
Deep Ocean®

* Stock is limited for these ranges – Lead times are generally 3 weeks for extra supply
* Advise Job needs and we will pre order and hold in stock

1200mm Wide Stock Coil - 1mm and 1.2mm
Colorbond Range
1200mm Wide Stock Coil
Zincalume® and Galvabond®
Zincalume .55mm .8mm 1mm 1.2mm
Galvabond 1.2mm .8mm 1mm 1.2mm
1.6mm 2mm 3.6 metre sheets 3mm 3.6 metre sheets


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